Wednesday, 30 May 2012

STORY PLOT#1 - Love of my life.

 Love of my life
(Love and music)
A boy (named rohit)  living a totally messed up life, wants to inherit his rich dad's money but his dad wants him to become something on his own. Also his dad strongly prohibits to ever be influenced by her mother's (who died in frustration and depression) crap musical interests. His girlfriend (Sonali) leaves him for the reason that he is too pathetic for that. And in a reckless phase of life he decides to join music school and there he finds a cute girl (Ankita) who is an ardent God's devotee. She lives a confined life and has many family restrictions. Their music teacher is too passionate about music, poems, emotions and life. He teaches them the real significance of life which affects Rohit and Ankita to discover a new way of life. Later they both fall in love to be happy. However, they discover that Ankita is suffering from cancer and will be dead soon. After a few months of pain and traumas he becomes a popular musician and refuses to be associated to his family. Thereafter he dedicates a song to his only beloved girl, Ankita and after few months, he dies due to drug overdose.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Why Blogger rocks and wordpress doesn't?

You might be wondering that why can't you earn money from wordpress by signing in with Google adsense. But the problem is that wordpress hosted accounts don't have permission to do so. So now you can't earn anything by writing on your blogs even in million years. However Blogger rocks this field by allowing you to create an adsense account and place ads. You get paid as pay per click. That is, more people click on your ads, more you earn. The new blogger is fully integrated with Adsense. You can easily sign up and create ad units within Blogger itself by clicking on the "Earnings" tab in your dashboard. Once you have signed up, you designate where you want us to show the ads and they will deliver it once your application has been approved. Getting approved is a bit difficult, all you need is good content for that. If you are an original blogger and you have sufficient amount of content, you can get through it.

Still asking your friends for good places to see on the way, Just use "on the way".

I recently came across this website on the way app. It is really an excellent tool to be used if you are traveling from one place to other.It tells you some important place that you can visit which are on your journey and you might have missed them because you were not aware of them. This makes you aware of such cool place.
Just fill the starting location of your journey and the destination where you are going. Click show me what's on the way. First you will see various paths and approx time it will take . Select the path that you would be following. Again click on the button and there you see, place you can visit on the way in your journey. Isn't that a cool guiding app for traveling.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Manage your passwords.

Internet is ever growing and resulting in many accounts. So it become really difficult to remember or manage your passwords. One way is to make a note on notepad or word, but obviously its not secure. Another way is to let your browser remember it, but anyone using your computer can access your password and your account. There are few really safe methods to manage your passwords. These are:
  1. RoboForm
  2. keepass
  3. Clipperz
  4. Password Manager Plus
  5. Password Hasher
  6. Password Generator

Find out how many views your wordpress blog has received.

Just go to the Dashboard of your blog, on the left hand side click on Appearance tab>>widgets. Locate Blog stats click on it and drag it to right hand side on the sidebar. Click save. Now Blog stats widget is added to your blog. Visit your blog page and you will see on right hand side a number of hits your blog has received. These numbers would also be visible to the visitor of your blog whenever they will visit. Just a nice way to see how much traffic is there on your blog. Isn't it cool, just add it if you wanna know traffic stats of your blog.

All TV episodes at one place.

With internet booming, you see that you can find everything on internet. Watch shows and serials at TV has become obsolete. A new way to do this is Here you can get most of the TV shows absolutely free. On TV we have to be on time to watch a particular show else we miss it. However on Youtube you can watch whenever you are free or whenever you feel like to watch. Even those episodes which were shown months before can be seen here. As you can see on that link, there are so many youtube channels providing you with so many serials.  You can chose to watch them or even download them to watch it later. Also if you like any particular one, you can watch it multiple times. Isn't that cool. Youtube brings it all to you and it really makes it easy. Few of my favorite one which i watch on here are Crime Patrol and CID. Check out are your favorite ones available or not. This service of Youtube is growing and over a period of time you will see TV getting out of picture. In fact today we can see even televisions turning so many facilities of internet. In a way both are blending into one complete solution to needs of public.

Firefox Showcase: a new way to manage tabs in Firefox browser.

It is a Firefox add on extension which modifies the view of the tabs that you have opened in such a way that makes easy to you to manage them. It also has a search option to find out the tab you are looking for, if you have opened too many. So if you are one of the internet geeks and normally surf too many websites without closing the previous one, this could be really useful extension that you should download. It will look like this after you add on this extension.
Click here to download it>>Firefox Showcase<<

Find out the host server of any website.

This online website called is free service which lets you know the host server of any website. Now this could be really helpful to choose hosting server for your website. Just check out the few websites of your interest and sort out which one will suit you. Since there are website which have their own servers like Facebook, Google etc. so you can know which website is self hosted and which are being hosted on other servers. Visit and type the name of website whose hosting server you want to know and click enter to get the answer. In addition, you can also get the reviews for that particular host. Its really a helpful tool for bloggers and newbies.

Create animation movies.

Check this free online software application pencil. It is used to draw animated pictures and turn them into 2D flash video or movie. To explore beautiful piece of art, this computer software can really be helful.Please note that it is not a substitute for flash, however its a kind of traditionally art on computer. You might be knowing the "flip of book" in which we draw many pics on different pages of book and then continously flip it to get the complete moving picture. This software does the same for you. Check this piece of its creation.


Just visit the website, click on download and use. This is free but not very easy to use. So before trying it please check the user manual. Its fun and creative.
You can check out pencil tutorial on youtube.

Multiple sign in for Gmail has become much simpler..

Google provides multiple sign in feature to manage all your accounts in a single browser. Without this, it becomes very difficult to manage your different accounts let you have for work and home, separate ones. Now you could be either first signing out from the first and then logging in to second and doing this every time whenever you switch. Or you can use different browser for each of your account. But the best option is to use this multiple sign in feature and now it is much simpler to use it.
  • Just login to any of your Gmail account.
  • On the top right your email address is written, just click on that.
  • On the drop down list, click switch account option.
  • Open sign in to another account in a new tab.
  • It will show you that you are already signed in to a particular account and now just enter the account address and password of you other account in which you want to login.
  • Click sign in and now you are actually operating two gmail accounts simultaneously in one browser.
  • You can do this for any number of accounts.
Therefore no need of switching login and logout or multiple browsers. This feature is available in many Google services but however there is different way to do this in them which is just a little complex. However, in Gmail its too easy and simple.